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Mecnafer SpA

The Company

MECNAFER is a member of the SPENO INTERNATIONAL Group of companies specialising in rail maintenance, technology, diagnostics and rectification.



Who are we

MECNAFER is proud of his 40 years of successful business due to the skill and effort of all employees. Thanks to their will and constant effort MECNAFER was able to grow and gain a significant place within an innovative and technological market. The goal is still the same: to improve quality and performances of our products in order to meet customer’s requirements for the best customer’s satisfaction.


MECNAFER is specialized in the design and manufacturing of grinding machines for rail track profile renewal. Nevertheless, the experience gained in this field and relevant problem solving exercise offered new challenge even in other field leading the company to new and exiting experiences.

Mecnafer SpA – Activity
Since the beginning MECNAFER grinding trains are still in operation on thousand of kilometres of tracks: either in the European countries or in all over the word. These trains are suitable to operate on all different type of tracks: from high speed lines to underground metro and can be designed to meet all different trains gauges as necessary.


Our products

MECNAFER grinding trains ranges from small units of 8 grinding set to the bigger units with more than 100 grinding sets installed.

This wide range covers therefore re-profiling of rails related to:

  • underground lines
  • light railways lines
  • high speed trains lines
  • switches

MECNAFEER product range, in facts, also includes special control units for rails inspection processing. These units are specifically designed to detect either the profile before and after grinding treatment or presence of possible defect on rail rolling surface.

Mecnafer SpA – Our products
Mecnafer SpA – Our products

MECNAFER experience gained in the mechanical, electrical and hydraulic/pneumatic fields allow the company to make safe and environmental friendliness products even for the civil, naval and general industrial/scientific area.